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Greenhouse Building Guide
Greenhouse Building Guide
Greenhouse Building Guide

The Greenhouse Building Guide includes 25 pages of instructions, illustrations, and photos for each step of the building process. It also includes a materials list of everything you'll need, including dimensions of all lumber.


It's written by and for garden lovers who are inexperienced builders. So...the design is simple! There are no angled cuts and you'll only need a few tools.


This design is flexible - meaning that you can follow the instructions exactly as they're written, or you can use them as a guide, substituting materials that you already have or that you can easily get.


Note: This is a digital download; you will not receive a physical product. As soon as you enter payment, you'll be able to download the file.


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If you're anything like me, you've got several projects going at the same time. And in winter, when I'm not gardening, I turn to other creative projects.


I've taken some of my favorite ones and created a  garden-inspired collection. You'll find instructions for a leaf printed tea towel, a painted flower press, a gorgeous evergreen mobile, a painted artist's garland, evergreen arrangements, one of my original embroidery designs, and more.


Garden Style is written with full step-by-step instructions and color pictures to guide you through each project. Featuring several easy and inexpensive projects, Garden Style will provide inspiration for using natural materials, decorating your home, and creating handmade gifts.

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The things I use - greenhouse plastic, burlap (for shade), lights, clips, lanterns, books, and more can be found here.

I only list items that I've purchased and used.

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