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Materials List for My Cattle Panel Greenhouse

Below is a comprehensive list of the materials and tools that I used to build my cattle panel greenhouse. I didn't need to buy all the tools here - I purchased some, had some, and borrowed some. Hopefully you won't have to buy too many either. Almost everything with an Amazon link can also be found at your local hardware store. The exception to this is the greenhouse plastic. Items like the burlap shade, clips, fan, thermomenter, repair tape and more are listed below under Accessories. Full disclosure: I am an Amazon Associate and I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This is at no cost to you, and it helps me cover the costs of documenting my projects and maintaining this website.

If you'd like complete details on how to build the greenhouse, including all cut dimensions and easy-to-follow instructions, consider purchasing the Greenhouse Building Guide.

Building Materials for My DIY Greenhouse Project

Greenhouse Plastic

Cattle Panel - I used 3 to cover the 12' span; check with your local farm supply store or feed store for these

Greenhouse Door - search for a wood screen door in your area for available options

Foam Pipe Insulation - this will be much cheaper at your local hardware store, but this link will show what you are looking for

Cedar Mulch - I used for the greenhouse floor

Rebar, 1/2 inch x 2 ft - I used 14


1x6x12 boards - I used 9 for the walls, cut to size

2x4x8 boards - I used 9, cut to size

2x4x12 boards - I used 1 for the overhead beam

4x4x8 posts - I used 2, cut to size

1x2x8 boards - I used 4 for the trim, cut to size

Indoor/Outdoor Fan - I purchased this model but a 14" size which is not currently available; this link is for an 18" size
Greenhouse Tables 
Repair Tape - all-weather, clear tape
Thermometer - has a remote sensor so I can view the temperature from inside the house
Burlap Shade - I used 3 rolls
Hanging Clips - used for the shade and the lights
Potting Bench 
String Lights - I have these on a smart plug in the garage so I can turn them on from my phone
Spring Clamps - I use these to hold the rolled up plastic in place all summer


Staple Gun 


Spring Clamps

Trigger Clamps

Fence Staple Remover
Tie-down Straps
Tape Measure

Cordless Drill - I recommend a 20V for driving in the screws; I have a lower voltage (cheaper) one that I used for drilling the pilot holes
Circular Saw - I used a slightly lower power 12 AMP saw

Framing Square - I used this a couple of times to ensure some of my angles were square before I screwed the wood in place

Tin Snips - to cut pipe strapping/hanger tape

Mallet - to pound the rebar into the ground

Hardware and Fasteners

Plumber's Pipe Strapping/Tab Tape/Hanger Tape

Fence Staples
Door Hinges - I used 2 on each door

Door Handle

Hook & Eye Latch

Deck Screws - I used various lengths depending on the thickness of the wood

Steel Angle Bracket/L Bracket​ - I used 12 total (4 on the corner 4x4's and 4 at the bottom of both door frames)

Steel Rafter Tie - I used 2

Zip Ties - I used a lot!

Outdoor Mounting Tape

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