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11 Greenhouse Design Variations - From All of You!

In my last post I mentioned that one of the beautiful things about a cattle panel greenhouse is that the design is flexible. You can study other greenhouses and then come up with a design that you like and use materials that work for you.

I started my Instagram page in January of 2022, and over time people have sent me photos of their greenhouses that were inspired by my page. This has been so much fun!!

I know there are a lot of you thinking about building your own greenhouse this coming year and I hope you’ll email or DM me your pictures! I look forward to seeing all the new greenhouses being built.

Here are several of those designs, along with some notes about their uniqueness and creativity. These are also in my Instagram Highlight titled “More Designs”, where you can watch a full Reel on each one.

Here we go - 11 greenhouses!

I just love the red color on this one. The owner built her own door and sourced alternative materials for the cattle panels since those weren't available to her.

I love the raised beds that help it settle into the garden. And she's got plenty of plant shelves inside.

This was the very first person to DM me and show me what they built!

This greenhouse has a stunning color combination that's perfect for a garden.

There are several great details to point out here: steel side walls, an extra wide header at the top, and hinges and latches on the red windows.

This white greenhouse has a gorgeous awning for shade and is surrounded by luscious plants. At the time of these pictures, the greenhouse plastic had not been added yet - which makes it a great shade house for hot climates.

The sweet little sitting area just invites you right in.

Part chicken coop and part greenhouse, this one is perfect for what the owner wanted.

The walls are made from pallets (saving time and money), it has a beautiful homemade door, and the end walls are covered with corrugated plastic instead of greenhouse plastic.

This one is super duper special - this is the greenhouse that inspired me!!!

It's made from pallet wood, has a simple homemade door, and has lace for shade.

This is the one that made me say, "I think I could build that".

I will forever be grateful for the day my friend brought me to see this and introduced me to the owner.

I'm so intrigued by the shape of this one. I think it's elegant and pretty. The owner used salvaged boards to build it and painted it a lovely color.

The daisies and stepping stones add to it's charm.

The inset picture in the top right shows how nicely it fits into his gorgeous garden.

This one made me smile so much. It's part greenhouse and part tortoise house!

It's got this perfect little trap door for the tortoise to push open and go out to his enclosed yard with the mini fence.

How cool is that?!

This one has such a unique and creative frame that makes it super sturdy.

It sits at a high elevation and gets strong winds. The extra wood helps weigh it down and also provide more surface area to attach the greenhouse plastic to.

It's also made from pallets and other recycled materials.

This one introduced me to the idea of shade houses, and just how beautiful and practical they can be.

The owner lives in a very hot climate and uses shade cloth on the cattle panels instead of greenhouse plastic.

She grows quite a few vegetables in here and still incorporates a sweet sitting area.

This design is similar to mine and I'm so impressed at how good her greenhouse plastic looks!

If you've built one of these, you know how hard it is to get the plastic to look nice. It's like wrapping a giant, awkward Christmas present.

I love terra cotta pots, so seeing them all lined up everywhere makes me happy.

I plan on copying part of this one in my greenhouse!

There are several creative features here: a double hung window across from the door, framing on the end walls that let them add side beams, an aluminum door with screen, and gorgeous shelving.

I also love how she hung the shade cloth so that the top can be lowered.

I want to add side beams to mine after seeing this!

Many thanks to everyone who sent these pictures to me. I hope they give everyone lots of inspiration and great ideas. Don't forget you can watch the video Reels for each of these over here on Instagram.

And if you build a greenhouse, I hope you send pictures so we can add to this growing album of designs!

For the full step-by-step process, read Building the Greenhouse.



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