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Are you thinking about building a greenhouse, but aren't sure about a few things?

Have you already started building a greenhouse, and you have some questions?

Did you build a greenhouse and now you'd like to know more about growing in a greenhouse?


I cover ALL of this in a

super-comprehensive workshop!

What the workshop covers (with timestamps):


00:50 Why Have a Greenhouse

➡️Frequently Asked Questions

05:38 Is it Hard to Build?

07:11 The Tools I Used

07:40 The Skills I Needed (and how I got them)

09:03 How Much it Cost Me (I include comments throughout on ways to save money)

09:45 What About Snow?

11:08 What About Ice?

11:30 What About Wind?


13:49 Choose a Site

16:35 Foundation or No Foundation?

17:16 Choose Lumber


18:45 Breakdown of Supplies

➡️How to Build a Cattle Panel Greenhouse

23:15 Overview

23:29 Sidewalls

24:08 Door Frames

24:40 End Walls

25:14 Overhead Beam

25:45 Cattle Panels

27:12 Paint

27:43 Plastic

29:26 Trim


31:44 Design Variations

➡️Greenhouse Maintenance

36:33 Repairs and Replacements

➡️Growing Strategies

40:24 The Greenhouse Microclimate

41:15 Temperature Regulation with Ventilation, Shade Cloth, and Fan

46:56 Watering Strategies

48:54 Planting Areas

49:58 Extended Seasons

51:46 Heating in the Winter


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Once you've registered, you will be able to watch the workshop as many times as you'd like.




Greenhouse Workshop

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